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[GUIDE] Reporting Players
Guide to Reporting Players

Post Title
Using the correct title is essential and makes it easier for the staff member who is handling the report.
There are two main components to the title.

  • The type of abuse:
  • Name of violator:
    e.g. Herobrine

Post Format
 Do not include your in-game name anywhere in the thread!

All parts of the format are required. It makes our jobs much easier if you format it exactly to what is written below:
  • In-Game Name:
    The rule violator(s) name.
  • Reason:
    What the rule violator(s) have done to break the rules.
  • Evidence:
    Screenshots and/or videos of the rule violator(s) breaking the rules.
  • Do you give us permission to share your video:
    Yes or No

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